Online Survivor-Led Meetups

Coffee Club gives survivors of Stroke and Brain Injury a voice to connect with others who understand.

It’s our foundational online mental health service delivered over Zoom, to survivors worldwide.

“This was the first time I started believing there was a purpose behind the pain I went through, and I was meant to flourish with it!”

Joi Towner

(Stroke Survivor | Coffee Club Host + Participant)

Coffee Club is a safe space to vent, share wins, wisdom, and support. No survivor has to feel isolated or alone.


“It’s such an empowering move to get involved in Genyus and Coffee Club because it allows you to be you and to show your true you – both your physical and emotional self. I wished I’d done it sooner.

It brought light into my life – even more than I could’ve imagined!”

Saran Chamberlain 

(Stroke Survivor | Coffee Club Host and Participant)


Coffee Club teaches participants to be present, mindful of each other, listen, communicate effectively, and improve their overall social skills.

“Because of Coffee Club, I find it easier to communicate, and people find it easier to communicate with me.

It’s a place where everyone gets you — it’s the highlight of my day!”

Jessica Elderfield

(Stroke Survivor | Coffee Club Participant)

By giving $25 per month, you’ll sponsor 15 Coffee Clubs per year, and help provide a safe space for 60 Survivors to be seen, heard, and know they’re not alone.

“I have recommended loads of people to join Coffee Club because this is something I wish I had 10 years ago!

It’s the self-esteem boost I didn’t know I needed.”

Laine Yates

(Stroke Survivor | Coffee Club Participant | Genyus Crew Member)


What do you mean by survivor-led?

Our hosts are all survivors themselves, all trained under the same Genyus program for quality assurance, and the emotional safety of both the hosts and the participants.

How many Clubs do you run per year?

Last year we ran over 120 Clubs, but with your generous donations, we can run more! The demand for Coffee Club is much higher than supply at the moment, so we are constantly looking to train more survivors to host, and to Put more Clubs on the schedule. For the month of March, we’ve added four extra Clubs, and in April, we hope to double the additional clubs.

Are there Coffee Clubs for Supporters?

Great question! Soon we’ll have supporter-led meetups for supporters, carers and relatives of survivors to connect, share their stories, and gain support from those who understand.

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