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“I was 22 when I had my stroke, and for the next 23 years, I had no connection to support.  I didn’t get what I needed back then, and the impact of that was devastating.  Since joining, I’ve felt embraced by a community that is global, which is amazing!  Because the connection to the community adds to the connection you feel with yourself.”
- Sue Bowden
Stroke Survivor | NSW

700,000 people in Australia live with a brain injury – 75% of survivors are aged under 65.

Survivors of physical trauma and chronic illness often experience isolation which is insufficiently addressed by clinical services.

96% of young stroke survivors often lack access to follow-up therapy and support to resume everyday life.

20% of suicides are linked to mental and physical health problems. 

“It's the self-esteem boost I didn't know I needed.”
- Laine Yates
Stroke Survivor | VIC

We provide survivor-led support and leadership programs that promote confidence, improve self-esteem, communication skills, enrich rehab outcomes and enhance overall capacity (both personally and professionally) to participate and contribute to community life.

“This was the first time I started believing there was a purpose behind the pain I went through, and I was meant to flourish with it.”
- Joi Towner
Stroke Survivor | USA

Online Community & Leadership Programs

Survivor-Led Research Recruitment & Facilitation

“Before my stroke, I was a very good singer, so to lose that was a painful shock to me. I was extremely extroverted, but after the third stroke, I became more inward. But now, because of Genyus, I'm coming back to myself!”
- Cami Storms
Stroke Survivor | QLD

We're For Survivors By Survivors

We are a predominantly peer-led organisation dedicated to supporting, empowering, and rewarding the resilient survivors in our community.

Our Global Reach

We are a worldwide community of Stroke and ABI survivors plus their supporters from over 50 countries.

We invest in Peer-Led Research

We partner researchers with defined cohorts to build a better future for survivors! So far, we’ve produced over 500 pieces of unbiased research data.

“The impact of Genyus in my life has been so profound because it not only impacts me, but everyone around me - my friends, family and other social circles. It gives to more people than just me as a survivor. The effect ripples outward and reverberates all around.”
- Laine Yates
Stroke Survivor | VIC


Whether you’re donating $100 or $5 per month, you are making a difference.

Thank You!

“Genyus brought light into my life, even more than I could’ve imagined”
- Saran Chamberlain
Stroke Survivor | South Australia

is a registered Australian Health Promotion charity.

Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.
A.B.N.  96 634 551 394. 

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