#FunFacts about: Tommy

My Full Name is: Tommy Lunetta
…but you can call me: Tommy

People might describe me as: Kind, Caring, Passionate, Sentimental, A Warrior, A bit Fiesty, A bit of a Prankster, A bit of a Class Clown, A bit of a Wild Child, The Life-O-The-Party

I was born on: 1969-12-25

and I’m from: Born in West Covina California, but currently reside in Mesa, Arizona

My favourite TV show is: LOL, well this is a good one. Wicked Tuna is the show of the year for me. Why? I think because the crew goes through so many challenges, but there is no way they are giving up, because that is their livelihood and I look at that as such an inspiration and a bit crazy. Moral of my like is because they never give up! Just like us Genyus’s we have literally been through hell and back and we will not give up! We overcome the challenges needed to accomplish our goals.

A song that makes my hips move is: I SMILE – Kirk Frankland – This song says it all and if i’m in a funk all i seriously have to do is turn on this song and all is good. Just SMILE ๐Ÿ™‚

The funniest thing to ever happened to me is: I was a kid around 7-8 years old, out with my mom and dad…I asked for a bloody mary! I have no idea, but i still hear the story to this day from my mom lol….BLOODY MARY coming from a kid, the look on the waiters face, was priceless I’m assuming haha.

I’m a rockstar: Survivor

and I really want to: inspire and assist others to be the best they can be, knowing there is support here for them.


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