After I had my stroke...

I reached out to other survivors...

Image courtesy of © House of Wellness, 7 Network.

and started creating a safe space...

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for empathy, empowerment & connection.

Image courtesy of © House of Wellness, 7 Network.

Since then we've worked with...

  • Stroke Association of Victoria
  • Australasian Society for the Study of Brain Impairment – ASSBI (Prof. Jacinta Douglas)
  • Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health (Prof. Julie Bernhardt)
  • STROKE 2018 Conference
  • OT Australia Conference 
  • Hunter Medical Research Institute
  • NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence
  • Flinders Medical Centre Stroke Support Group 
  • South Australian Stroke Survivors 
  • Barwon Stroke Support Centre ‘Will2Walk’
  • La Trobe University (OT. Dept.)
  • Australian Catholic University (O.T Dept.)
  • Deakin University “Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships” program
  • Monash University (Prof. Natasha Lannin)
  • KIDS Foundation 
  • Monash Children’s Hospital 
  • Geelong Disability Taskforce (Accessible Inclusive Geelong feasibility study)
  • NOVELL Redesign Project
  • Stroke Foundation
  • National Disability Insurance Agency plus more…

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