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700,000 people in Australia live with a brain injury – 75% of survivors are aged under 65.

Survivors of physical trauma and chronic illness often experience isolation which is insufficiently addressed by clinical services.

96% of young stroke survivors often lack access to follow-up therapy and support to resume everyday life.

20% of suicides are linked to mental and physical health problems. 

We provide survivor-led support and leadership programs that promote confidence, improve self-esteem, communication skills, enrich rehab outcomes and enhance overall capacity (both personally and professionally) to participate and contribute to community life.

Online Community & Leadership Programs

Survivor-Led Research Recruitment & Facilitation

We're For Survivors By Survivors

We are a predominantly peer-led organisation dedicated to supporting, empowering, and rewarding the resilient survivors in our community.

Our Global Reach

We are a worldwide community of Stroke and ABI survivors plus their supporters from over 50 countries.

We invest in Peer-Led Research

We partner researchers with defined cohorts to build a better future for survivors! So far, we’ve produced over 500 pieces of unbiased research data.

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Whether you’re donating $100 or $5 per month, you are making a difference.

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Whether you’re donating $100 or $5 per month, you are making a difference.

Thank You!

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