MOTIVATION! How do you keep on keepin’ on?

When you're feeling unmotivated and you just can't seem to get yourself into the right mindset to move forward -- what do you do?
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Finding ways to motivate yourself, and then continue to keep hold of that motivation, is not necessarily a simple thing for any of us.


Throughout recovery many people will smile at you and be quick to say “Just stay motivated!” — but if you’re anything like me, you often find yourself just wanting to say “That’s great and all… but how?”

How do you stay motivated when you don’t feel motivated in the first place?

For me, my “motivation” isn’t always just naturally there when I’m looking to achieve a goal — but something else is.

Something that helps me move forward…

In our video chat with Tommy, a stroke-survivor and all round superstar, we get to know his top tips to staying strong and how to stealthily move forward with your goals.

Watch the video to learn something so simple  yet – so essential, so that you can keep on keepin’ on..

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