Three Relationship Predictions post-trauma!

As I was leaving rehab after my stroke, my consulting doctor looking after my case, sat me down to warn me about my relationships…
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“You’re a socially supported and resilient kind of guy. “But I want to share some truths that have revealed themselves to me countless times – that you ought to know…”

1. Some new relationships will surprise you — there will be people who come out of the woodwork, but you won’t necessarily want them to. Their curiosity will be sympathy you won’t want, because it will be surface “concern”. What they really want out of their connection with you will be to feel good about themselves. As a result, these connections will wash away.

2. Some existing relationships will diminish or disappear — it will be hurtful and unexpected. Some people just won’t know how to deal with it, and just want things to be *the way they were*. It’s simply a reflection of the aspects of their own life they need to deal with.

3. But many will stay the same and become stronger — the relationships that have more depth and maturity will continue to grow and strengthen* as you do*. These people will move and surprise you.
At the time, I didn’t believe him.

But only a week later, EVERYTHING he predicted happened in the first week… ALL of it! It blew my mind!

People I hadn’t spoken to in years came out of the woodwork — curious about me and almost obsessively fascinated with my trauma story – but quickly fizzled out. A close friend who, when I shared the details of my trauma, was unable to accept my circumstances. She was in denial about my recovery because she couldn’t handle the trauma. Then of course, there were the relationships that did – *and continue to* – stand the test of trauma.

NOW, I want to know how these three predictions played a part in your recovery journey. Do any ring true? None? One? All three?

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