Your Proudest Moment

Proud moments come out of acts of courage, tough decisions, or through other virtues you’ve shown. Your proud moment could be something seemingly small, or something most people would consider big, but the important thing is it’s something that made you proud and meant a lot to you.
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In this episode, Lauren shares how she doesn’t have a proud moment, but rather, she’s proud of who she’s become — someone who doesn’t let fear stop her from living her life fully. She has changed, but in many ways has become someone she never knew she could be.
She shares with us some of the cool things she’s been getting up to, how she’s changed her approach to how she’s handled difficult things like surgery and more.
Now we’d love to hear from you!
What’s a moment you are proud of and why?
What did it mean to you?
What is something about who you are and who you’ve become that you’re proud of?

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