Advice For Those In The ”Support Crew” (e.g. Parents, Partners, Family, Friends, Carers and more)!

Giving good support can be really FU*&!%# tough!!! So we’re building a library of ideas to help support each other
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Nichola (Mum to young survivor, Beth / genyus “Support Crew” member) and I are talking about how to help each other give good support – hoping you can help us build a library of our collective ideas in order to help one another.

**n.b. This is a chance to invite your “Support Crew” to join in!**
Nichola: The one piece of advice I would give is don’t forget yourself on this journey.
We know you’ve got some gold to bring to this talk, so we want you to help build the conversation by inviting your “Support Crew” (e.g. Friend, Family, Friend, Partner, Carer or other loved one) to join us!
Then tell us… What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone in the “Support Crew”?

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