PART 1: Your First Experience with GRIEF

Exploring Grief post trauma
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Jessica Robin Anwyl:

“Hi, I’m Jess, a survivor of Chronic Illness, and I am your host for this Topic Talk.

Now let’s talk about your first experience with grief post trauma. With us right now is Caleb Rixon, let’s call him Cal — a stroke survivor and the founder of our Genyus Community.

Cal, think of the first Grief you experienced post trauma, and tell us what was it?

Caleb Rixon:

“The first grief I experienced after my stroke was realising that I had a damaged vocal cord and realising that may have been permanent. At the time before my stroke, I used my voice because I was a professionally trained singer, so I had a lot of attachment to my voice spiritually, and also financially because it’s what I did.

So the beginning of my first grief was that realisation that the voice is fragile and that mine may no longer be there, but then the second grief I remember was wheeling out of my clinical psych’s office after our session and we’d been talking about grief, and I realised in this moment by myself — where I had no one near me or encouraging me — I was finally alone and I had this space to realise that I wouldn’t perform again in the capacity I had. So that was another beginning of quiet grief, of realising that I was no longer the person I’d seen myself to be up until that point.”


“Wow, that is so significant Cal, and we appreciate you sharing that with us.”




“Now, Cal and I would love to hear from you! We’d love you to share your first experience with grief post-trauma, and what that meant to you, and why?”

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