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Boost Your Walking After Stroke with HiWalk

A new physiotherapy program designed to improve mobility after stroke.
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What is HiWalk?

HiWalk is a physiotherapy program designed to improve mobility. HiWalk involves attending a rehabilitation gym for up to 3-hours a day, 5-days a week, for 3-weeks. HiWalk consists of different exercises and activities that target walking. The program is tailored to each participant’s goals and abilities.

Who can participate in HiWalk?

 You can participate in HiWalk if you:

  • Are aged over 18
  • Are more than 6-months but less than 8-years after your stroke
  • Can walk 10m without assistance
  • Would like to improve your walking
  • Have adequate English language skills and are able to follow instructions in order to participate

What does participation involve?

  • Participation is voluntary and comes at no cost to you
  • You will participate in an assessment by a physiotherapist
  • One group of participants will then participate in the HiWalk program
  • The other group will continue their usual activities and will be offered a physiotherapy consultation at the end of the study
  • The study team will stay in contact with all participants for 6 months

You can find out more about HiWalk on EnableMe:

To get involved, please email:

(02) 9850 6625

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