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Healthcare Service Experiences of Young Adult Stroke Survivors

If you're under 55, and had a stroke in the past 10 years, and live in Australia - you can help shape new services for young stroke survivors by participating in our survey.
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Your journey matters, and here’s a chance to make it count even more. Monash University’s Prof. Natasha Lannin and Melita Giummarra, are diving into uncharted waters with the “Healthcare Service Experiences of Young Adults with Stroke” study.

Why Your Voice Counts

Ever wished you could change how healthcare services work? Well, this is your shot! We’re after your honest take on stroke health services – what rocked, what flopped, and how they can level up. We’re not just asking stroke survivors; we’re also keen to hear from rockstar families, carers, and medical pros.

What’s in It for You?

Imagine having a say in shaping future healthcare services for fellow stroke survivors. Your insights will pave the way for a whole new tailored service designed by a brilliant team of more than 70 clinicians, researchers, and young adults! It’s about improving the journey for the next generation.

How to Join the Movement

If you’re aged 18-55, had a stroke in the last decade, and call Australia home, you’re in! The deal? Spend around 30-45 minutes rocking a survey that’s as straightforward as sharing your thoughts.

Rock the Change

While you might not see instant perks, you’re unleashing a wave of transformation. Your input will guide Monash University in recommending betterment and cooking up a new service for young stroke survivors. As a sweet “thanks,” survey completers score a gift card.

Ready to Shake Things Up?

Pave the way for better stroke healthcare – Click these links:

πŸ”— Young Adult Survey

πŸ”— Supporter Survey

Need a hand with the survey? No sweat, just ping the team at or for a Zoom sesh.

Your Voice, Your Impact

You’ve battled, triumphed, and now it’s time to revolutionize. Your insights have the power to reshape the healthcare landscape for young stroke survivors. Your voice, your story – let’s make change happen!

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